Every year World Humanitarian Day is commemorated on August 19 to pay tribute to all the humanitarians who get injured and killed during the course of their work and to honor all the health workers who work for human aid despite the odds. August 19 was designated in the memory of 2003 bomb attack in […]

Do you ever think whether or not the food you’re having is SAFE? This is one question that needs to be thought well before eating any kind of food. Food safety in common means the overall process that compromises of different processes like food handling, storage, and preparation of food with an objective to prevent […]

It’s Asaar and it is the time of mango harvesting, selling, and buying season. Mango is the king of tropical fruit and we know that very well. Mango has a very good juicy intense sweet taste when we eat it. I think most people like mango very much and most people don’t know how to […]

Covid-19 infection affects the lungs and makes us sick. In severe case, one has to be admitted to the ICU to support in breathing process with a ventilator. In the ICU, you receive nutrition through your veins to fight against infection. After being discharged from hospital, maintaining your health status depends upon your diet knowledge. […]

Sita Shrestha, an energized and empowered women proudly shows her effort to conserve mother earth. She is 53 years old but still young enough and enthusiastic to cultivate vegetables and grow flowers on the roof of her house. She has started to grow it for more than 2 years. She grows pumpkin, tomato, onion, chayote […]

We have already stepped on the menstrual month of 2021 which is in the month of May. May 28 is also called MHD or MH Day i.e. Menstrual Hygiene day. This day ie. May 28 has a symbolic meaning -> May is the 5th month of the year and the menstruation’s average length is also 5 days every month. The average length of […]

Is the period blood pure or impure? This question might confuse a lot of people about menstrual blood. To answer this we must first understand the menstruation cycle; the natural process of the female body. Females have an amazing process going on inside their body. One of them is menstruation. The menstruation cycle occurs during […]

 A national study conducted in Nepal found that pre-lacteal feeding is mostly observed in Terai areas of Nepal. Promotion of ANC visit and Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) practices are required for reducing pre-lacteal feeding practices. IYCF and breastfeeding practices are highly influenced by the knowledge and believe of people. Pre-lacteal feeding is mostly […]

“GOOD NUTRITION BEGINS WITH FOOD AND AGRICULTURE” Agriculture and nutrition both begin with the word “Food.” Food is a major byproduct of agricultural practices and as a result, a key component of healthy nutrition. The much evidence, research shows that there’s a lot more to nutrition than just having food. The food which is going […]