-Written by Saina Shrestha [Note* This article intends to correlate the inter-generational cycle of malnutrition in Nepali communities (especially rural), and how the cultural feeding practices have direct or incidental impact on the maternal and child health. Aayam’s mother as the narrator tells her story as a girl child, as a young adolescent, and as […]

It is a known fact that that an HIV-positive mother can infect her baby through breastfeeding. However, if correct measures are taken, the risk of transmission can be reduced and the child can received adequate nutrition and antibodies through breastfeeding. Every HIV positive mother has the right to have all the relevant and correct information […]

By: Saina Shreshta As I made my way through the corridor to my cabin, I noticed Linda hurrying from the other side. I waved my hand and started walking towards her. With hands full of filed documents, I could see Linda short-winded, managing to shove off saying, “You look flawless! Fill me in with the […]

“In our everyday life, we meet a lot of people, and some of these people help us realize the purpose of life. I have been involved in various health-related projects and programs in Nepal since my undergraduate days. However, my actual journey to self-discovery began with a mother’s story. This was the moment I knew […]

“After I was selected to attend the One Young World Summit in Bogotá, Colombia, as an OFID-sponsored delegate, I received a message from Nischal Baskota, a young Nepali social entrepreneur based in the US. Nischal is the owner of a tea company—Nepal Tea LLC—and had read about my work in a blog post shared on […]

High prevalence of malnutrition is one of the major public health problems in Nepal. It is one of the leading causes of child mortality & morbidity in the country. Thousands of children miss the opportunity to reach their full potential due to the physical and mental effects of poor nutrition in the critical window of […]

-Richa Neupane, Teach For Nepal “In our school, younger students come to school with a five or ten rupee note every morning and before assembly, they buy chamcha paun, candy, instant noodles etc. It was a very apt awareness program for our school. The SOCHAI team carried their work impeccably and they very much aligned […]

The Red Cycle Bracelet i.e. the Menstruation Bracelet is based on the calendar method of fertility awareness. In the bracelet, different colored beads are arranged in a way that helps track an average menstrual cycle of 28 days. The bracelet is developed as an education tool to better understand the monthly menstruation cycle in an […]

“From the very beginning, just when we’ve learned to be on our two feet, we’re taught to fold our hands, bow our heads, close our eyes and put forth a prayer whenever present before a holy deity. And most of us were hesitant to side with profanity by questioning the almighty lord’s existence. We pay our due respect, gratitude and wishful appeal whenever we see devotional sculptures in temples. I was told that inside every man/woman resides sacred god/goddess, that every person is a reflection of pious substance.