The Brave Bitter Gourd

An Apple, a Mango, a Banana, and a Bitter gourd meet each other after 23 years. 

Apple: Hi guys! I am very busy these days. I had to manage my schedule to meet you today.

Bitter gourd: *Furiously* Oh really??

Apple: *Proudly* Yes, I am in huge demand these days. And all that is not just due to Vitamin C and 86% water in me. If you are updated on recent happenings, you must have heard that people of all age want me badly. 

Orange: What’s the new update bro?

Apple: Now, after Newton, I am working for Tim Cook. I am in high demand and rather expensive. 

Banana: Okay, whatever! The presence of Potassium, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin C in me is making me more beautiful than you day-by-day. Minions are after me since the day of the dinosaurs and now, due to COVID I have become the world famous snack of the pandemic – ‘banana bread’.  

Mango: No matter pandemic comes or goes, I am always the undisputed ‘King of Fruits’. I boost people’s immunity and help their digestive system. Well, I am also working with models and actors. Have you guys seen me in advertisements with Katrika Kaif? I am quite the showstopper.

During the conversation, three healthy humans with different gender identities walked by and saw the fruits and the vegetable chatting. All all the humans wanted to eat the fruits and vegetables. However, one particular human boasted he is the superior among all there and should get everything on the table. Then, all three started to quarrel over who should get to eat it. 

All the fruits and vegetable got terrified of the heated discussion. In the meantime, the bitter gourd spoke.

Bitter gourd: Stop fighting! I can help you find the superior being among you three. For that, you will have to answer my question. Do you all agree?

Human beings: *Furiously* We agree!

Bitter gourd: Answer this, ‘If you think you are superior, whenever you eat any food, do nutrients function differently in your bodies?’

Everyone knew what the bitter gourd meant. The message was so deep, even Adele couldn’t roll in it. Nutrients never discriminates, because every human are same and equal. The message was loud and clear for the “superior intelligent human” so they shared and consumed the food and received equal nutrients from the fruits and vegetables. 

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