How to Choose Perfect Quality Mango In Market

It’s Asaar and it is the time of mango harvesting, selling, and buying season. Mango is the king of tropical fruit and we know that very well. Mango has a very good juicy intense sweet taste when we eat it. I think most people like mango very much and most people don’t know how to pick up the best quality mango from the market without any regrets and they are facing lots of problems due to lack of knowledge about it. Sometimes seller made you think you that even worse mango is the best quality of mango so be aware of that. so Don’t worry I will tell you how to choose the perfect quality mango from the market without regrets, I hope it will help you a lot.

I have made a few points about choosing the best quality mango. If you follow that guides then I hope you will be successful in choosing the best quality mango from the market.

  1. While buying the mango you should visit more and more stores to find quality mango and mango must look fresh when you see it.
  2. Mango must not have any scratches, black spots, holes, cracks, rotting spots cause it will not be store long-lasting as you wish and it can be infected with different bacteria and viruses.
  3. While buying the mango you have to be judgemental while touching the mango it should feel fresh and while you squeeze the mango gently, mango should squeeze easily with little hardness then it is the best time of mango to buy and bring it into the home cause it can be store in the home long enough then the very softer mango.
  4. While buying the mango don’t focus on the color because different varieties of mango have a different color when they ripe, some become red, some yellow, some half red, some half yellow, some remain green. So don’t judge the mango by its color.
  5. Another thing you can judge the mango is its odor. Different mango has different types of odors and all mango have their own odour. So while you enter the mango market you smell an odor of lots of mangoes. so while buying the mango, mango should give you at least a few odors but not full of very strong odor cause over ripen mango give too strong odor which is not good for buy. But another thing is that different mango has different power to produce its odor so be aware of that too. Choose mangoes that don’t have a sour or alcoholic aroma.
  6. If you are buying the mango for immediate consumption after reaching the home then the mango should be ripe well enough by its way but if you are planning to store it for 4-5 days consumption time then the mango should not be fully ripe. Avoid mangoes that are overly rigid since they will take a long time to ripen.
  7. Do you know? ripen fruit weight more than that of unripe fruit be aware of that too. If the mango feels heavier than usual, be cautious; this indicates that it is ripe.
  8. While buying the mango you should look into its appearance too, it should perfectly uniformly tight when you touch it, it shouldn’t have any too soften parts or spots on it. And if mango is wrinkle then it means the fruit was picked too early and may not be tasty, and mangoes should not attach a lot of latex on it.
  9. If mango has its petiole still attached to it then it would be very good for storing.

At last, be aware of these things then I hope you will able to pick quality mango from the market and also be aware of the organic and pesticide used mango as well as artificial ripen mango by the chemical cause it will harm your body, as well as don’t, have good taste too. If you find the mango at a very low price but the quality of mango is too bad then don’t buy it go for good quality mango, Quality mango comes in low quantity but it will have more quality of nutrient than that of bad quality mango.

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