The official unmasking: my beauty secret

By: Saina Shreshta

As I made my way through the corridor to my cabin, I noticed Linda hurrying from the other side. I waved my hand and started walking towards her. With hands full of filed documents, I could see Linda short-winded, managing to shove off saying, “You look flawless! Fill me in with the beauty regimen later.”

PC: TNM Magazine

PC: TNM Magazine

PC: TNM Magazine

I leaned back on my swivel chair and put my feet up; I could see on the black computer screen before my headline, a visage; still and animated. I was looking at a face, my face, which bobbed up; immaculate for real, mere an omen of pockmarks and blots. I smiled and expressed tenderness at the peculiar complexion bethinking to Linda’s comment earlier.

My skin looked smooth and unruffled; no visible lines or crease. As I angled towards the screen, my features amplified, revealing every tiny detail fashioned on my face.  My cheek bones were glowing, poise with just the right amount of La Rosa peachy tint. My cheeks, which have forgotten days of jollity and delight, were gleaming under the phosphorescent pendant light. The black kohl along the rim of my eyes extended to arched wing. It looked intense, at variance to my ever-so-tired-of-crying eyes. Two coats of the Volum’ Express mascara, along with a lift added a seal of secrecy to those fatigued lashes.


The flaming hue of Love that Red lipstick popped out so strong that it was able to mercurially hush up my lily-livered lips that trembled otherwise. The foundation in True ivory complimented as an exclusive base on my skin and gave a full yet natural looking coverage to the existent bruises on my chin, all black and blue.  Also, not to forget, the secret weapon is the new color correcting concealer palate that I got a few days ago which is so creamy and blends right in to erase the bulgy under eye confines giving a refreshed look. Oh, it was also able to keep from showing few thin red scars below my left eye contour. Voila! The miracle of makeup is astounding.



I sleep with the bittersweet fist knocks from my husband every night.

I wake up with the consequences of our failed marriage every morning.

Nonetheless, I still manage to look flawless as I march out of my house everyday.

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