Our Programs

SOCHAI combines low cost, low tech innovative product and services to tackle the health and nutrition issues at ground level.

On the service aspect, we design and implement several community based interventions targeting pregnant lactating mothers, youth, adolescents, health mother’s group and Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs). To deliver these services, we train, empower and mobilize young people at the ground level as active contributors for development.

Youth Volunteers Program (V-Program): SOCHAI’s flagship V-Program is a platform for adolescents and youth from diverse background to come together and build their knowledge and skills on health and nutrition issues. SOCHAI conducts annual recruitment and training programme for volunteers in collaboration with colleges and universities, who are then mobilized throughout the year for –

  • Implementing adolescent focused school nutrition education programs
  • Providing nutrition counselling to 1000 days mothers visiting local health center using SOCHAI’s Nutribeads bracelet
  • Conducting community nutrition assessment using MUAC Tape and BMI
  • Implement social media, radio and other digital advocacy and awareness initiatives with a focus on nutrition and health
  • Coordinate with local ward and municipal networks for synergy in implementing nutrition initiatives

School-based Adolescents Program: SOCHAI implements four days of school-based health and nutrition bootcamp where adolescent and youths in schools can learn essential technical (topic covered: nutrition, WASH, SRHR) as well as soft skills to become ambassadors, changemakers and promoters of nutrition at their own schools and communities. Besides school, SOCHAI works with other institutions such as campuses, youth clubs, youth networks, NGOs, CBOs, private companies, corporate sector to organize similar learning sessions. SOCHAI also supports in formation of a nutrition club in the schools where the club members lead and organize Poshan Mela (Nutrition Exhibition) event in their schools. To not leave the out of school adolescents behind, SOCHAI also organizes similar bootcamps for out of school adolescents.

Skills Program: SOCHAI’s skills program supports the most marginalized and vulnerable women and families at risk of poor health and nutrition with skill training and resources to create a sustainable income source that leads to upliftment of their socio-economic status, ultimately improving their capacities to consume quality diet.

Advocacy, Engagement and Research: SOCHAI has a very active presence on digital media. SOCHAI has been amplifying vital messages around nutrition and health through multiple digital platforms such as – Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Linkedin. SOCHAI is also involved in high level consultation meetings and workshops to voice the challenges faced by youth and adolescents with regards to their health and nutrition. We also bring forward the hidden issues of mothers from marginalized communities based on research studies implemented by SOCHAI that helps advocate for inclusive policies at federal, provincial and local and even global level. 

Emergency Response: With the overwhelming and unimaginable impact of crises such as COVID-19 pandemic, earthquake, flood etc., SOCHAI has been implementing immediate response programs on need basis. Our efforts involve immediate food and hygiene package distribution, community based nutrition assessment for early detection of malnutrition, individual and mass awareness programs etc. We are relentlessly working on the frontline to prevent both social and economic consequences of disaster, which has put the vulnerable populations at even greater risk for poverty and malnutrition.

Skill development programs on health, agriculture, handicraft and nutrition for women and community groups

Capacity building programs for youth, adolescents and school children

Local health center focused nutrition counseling programs for golden 1000 days mothers

SOCHAI's Products for Social Impact

On the product side, we develop various innovative tools and kits that aid our knowledge and skill building programs. Some of the low tech tools that complement our community programs are ‘Nutribeads bracelet’ which informs about how to feed a child in the first 2 years of their life and the ‘RedCycle bracelet’ which helps understand, accept, communicate and track menstruation. Iron Folic Acid (IFA) or Anti Anemia bracelet that helps adolescents in easily understanding the national guideline for intake of weekly IFA supplements. 

SOCHAI’s award-winning Nutribeads, Redcycle and IFA bracelets are handmade by local artisans in Nepal. To contribute in the local economy, SOCHAI has collaborated with a local handicraft production house to manufacture all the bracelets, thus creating income opportunities for local women and artisans. Through this initiative, we aim to support women by creating income generation opportunities so that they are able to afford nutritious food for themselves, their children and families.

Additionally, through SOCHAI’s ‘buy-one-give-one’ scheme, the organization has been applying a sustainable social-entrepreneurship model to continue its community efforts. As a part of this model, anyone can support a woman or a girl in marginalized communities receive a free bracelet and counselling from team SOCHAI by purchasing our IFA, Redcycle and Nutribeads bracelets.

Along with the bracelets, SOCHAI also has a maternity wellness basket designed for new parents as a gift. SOCHAI also offers ‘customized learning program’ packages such as Nutrition and Wellness training, Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) session etc. for schools, organizations, and private company staff as per need of the users. To keep up with the technological development and expand its horizon, SOCHAI is also developing nutrition e-course and tele-nutrition service as its new and innovative entrepreneurial initiatives.

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Our Impact

SOCHAI has been taking small steps but big strides to support women, children and families reach their full potential in life.

In pursuit of our mission to promote nutrition and break the inter-generational cycle of malnutrition, we have touched the lives of over 5500 mothers and children, 500 health workers and Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs), as well as 9500 adolescents and youth. Our community-based initiatives, led by our youth volunteers network with 300+ members, span across fifteen districts in four provinces of Nepal.

We have distributed over 6300 Nutribeads, Redcycle, and Iron Folic Acid (IFA) bracelets, coupled with informative sessions for mothers, caregivers, FCHVs, and adolescent girls. These initiatives have not only facilitated learning and awareness but also empowered our target groups to effectively disseminate information on nutrition and menstruation within their own local communities.

Through the entrepreneurial arm of SOCHAI, we have developed various sustainable products and services to bolster our interventions and amplify our impact. Collaborating with diverse stakeholders, we deliver innovative solutions, including wearable bracelets and nutrition consulting services for the government, UN agencies, NGO/INGOs, schools, corporate, youth organizations etc.

Our Nutribeads bracelet has earned accolades, winning the UNICEF’s Youth Innovation Challenge Award, while the Red Cycle bracelet has been incorporated into the Menstrual Hygiene Management Reference Toolkit (Grade 4 to 12) based on Curriculum Development Center (CDC) of Government of Nepal. Currently, the toolkit is undergoing pilot testing in five provinces of Nepal. Similarly, our IFA bracelet has garnered recognition from the Nutrition Section/Government of Nepal and UNICEF Nepal.

Our initiatives have sensitized and empowered communities to embrace healthy nutrition and hygiene practices. A pivotal pilot study conducted in the Lubhu community, Lalitpur, showcased the effectiveness of our community-based learning programs alongside our innovative tool, the ‘Nutribeads bracelet,’ in substantially augmenting knowledge regarding nutrition and child feeding practices among mothers.

SOCHAI is rigorously invested in implementing research activities for generating evidence-based intervention recommendations that can be scaled up at a larger scale. We also meaningfully engage in policy level advocacy including drafting of Multi Sector Nutrition Plan III, annual nutrition review at national and provincial level to provide youth perspectives and recommendations to the government of Nepal.

In times of crises, our short-tern and long-term emergency response program has been a lifeline for hundreds of daily wage workers, pregnant and lactating mothers, children, and vulnerable populations in both urban and rural settings. Along with distribution of essential food and hygiene packages, we have provided skill trainings and resources to set-up small businesses for marginalized women in Sindhupalchowk as well as in slum/squatter settlements of Kathmandu. Through initiatives such as hog-plum candy making, tailoring, and mushroom farming training, we have equipped women with valuable vocational skills that enable them to generate income sustainably. By diversifying their sources of income, these women are better prepared to tackle economic uncertainties and improve their overall quality of life.

Leveraging digital platforms, we have disseminated crucial information on COVID-19, Maternal Child Nutrition, Non-communicable diseases (NCDs), home based nutritious recipes etc. reaching thousands of online users. We have also developed an e-learning platform that is accessible free of cost.

At SOCHAI, our commitment to catalyzing positive change remains unwavering as we continue to innovate, collaborate, and serve communities, one step at a time, towards a brighter, healthier future for all.

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Our Story

“Sangita and her family’s happiness had no bound when they found out she was pregnant. They welcomed a baby boy after 9 months. Sangita did not have an access to information on proper child feeding and nutrition during her pregnancy or after delivery. So, when Sangita’s  baby was only 2 months old (when technically a child must only be fed mother’s milk), Sangita fed him cashew nut paste, hoping it will make her baby healthier. Unfortunately the nut paste got stuck in the child’s throat and the child died. Sangita was labeled a murderer by her own family and she was forced to leave her own home.” 

This is a true story, which took place in the Lubhu community of Lalitpur district. This story is also a reality for hundreds of women, girls and children in Nepal who are facing the devastating consequences of the preventable problem of malnutrition.

Nepal has made significant progress in reducing maternal and child mortality and morbidity in the last decade. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, the progress we had made is in jeopardy. Till today, Nepal has unacceptably high rate of child mortality associated with malnutrition. Every year, nearly half of children under 5 years die due to causes associated with poor nutrition (UNICEF) and around 25% of children below 5 years have chronic form of malnutrition in Nepal (NDHS, 2022).  Women and girls are facing devastating and irreversible consequences of malnutrition throughout their lifecycle, while the entire country suffers social and economic loss. 

We are firm believers that the devastating consequences of malnutrition can be prevented with access to simple and affordable interventions. With this vision and determination, we established SOCHAI in 2017 to support women, children, girls and families reach their full potential in life by improving their overall health and breaking the vicious intergenerational cycle of malnutrition.

Our Achievements

Lead 2030 Challenge


SOCHAI is winner of the Lead 2030 Challenge for Sustainable Development Goal –  2 ‘Zero Hunger’ category initiated by One Young World and supported by the RB (Reckitt Benckiser) Group.  SOCHAI was chosen as one of the most impactful youth-led solution from 1200 applicants from 100 countries around the world. SOCHAI received funding and a year-long mentorship support from the RB Group.

Asia Pacific Youth Innovation Challenge


Our innovation Nutribeads bracelet is the winner of 3rd High Level Meeting – Asia Pacific Youth Innovation Challenge organized by UNICEF, Tandemic and hosted by the Government of Malaysia in 2016. Sochai was chosen as one of the three winners of the competition (Social Protection Category) from over 650 applicants from 17 countries. As a winner, SOCHAI received seed grant and mentorship support.


SOCHAI’s Cofounder and CEO Bonita Sharma was the winner of Goalkeepers Global Goals Progress Award given by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2020. She was chosen as the winner for her efforts to ensure progress toward the Global Goals in the face of COVID-19 through SOCHAI.


SOCHAI’s Cofounder and CEO Bonita Sharma was listed in the 100 most influential women of the world by the BBC in 2019. In the list of 100 inspiring and influential women from around the world for 2019, she was placed as an innovator under the knowledge category. Her work through SOCHAI in the public health nutrition sector and the idea of Nutribeads bracelet has also been featured by the BBC.