Our Impact

SOCHAI has been taking small steps but big strides to support women, children and families reach their full potential in life. 

For achieving our goal of improving maternal and child nutrition practices, we have already reached 1000+ mothers/children, 300+ community health workers and Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs), 3000+ adolescents and more than 25 youth through our community based programs led by young people in eight districts across Nepal. 

The pilot study conducted in by SOCHAI in Lubhu community, Lalitpur has shown that the community based learning program complemented by use of our innovation – ‘Nutribeads bracelet’ has helped in significantly improving the knowledge about nutrition and child feeding among mothers.

We have also sold and distributed 1500+ Nutribeads and Redcycle bracelets free of cost to mothers, FCHVs and adolescent girls during our programs which have helped our target users understand as well as communicate information on nutrition and menstruation effectively. 

By selling the Nutribeads and Redcycle bracelets, we were also able to raise the fund to support disaster victims in Morang Districts. We also organized several community based programs for golden 1000 days mothers, health mothers groups and other community groups, FCHVs, school children. These programs have sensitized and supported communities to adopt healthy nutrition and hygiene practices. 

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