Nutribeads Bracelets

$ 8.00

This Nutribeads bracelet is an educational tool that is used to make mothers aware about the nutritional requirements of the children in the first two years of life. The Nutribeads bracelet contains a set of colorful beads with numbers. The numbers indicate age interval of the child, whereas each color of the beads represents the specific type of food that much be included in the child’s meal. This colorful bracelet can be worn by the mothers at all time like a beautiful accessory, so that she can remember about the nutritional need of her child at all times.

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The Nutribeads bracelet is accompanied by a Nutricard which contains all the information on food type, frequency and additional health promotion messages. Our innovation Nutribeads had won the 3rd High Level Meeting (HLM3) Asia Pacific Youth Innovation Challenge in 2016 organized by the UNICEF in Malaysia. Our ‘SOCHAI – Youth for Nutrition’ project has already provided nutrition counseling to dozens of mothers using the winning social innovation – the Nutribeads bracelet. As a part of this project, we also work with the adolescent girls, school children, youth, local mother’s groups and health workers. Since addressing the issue of malnutrition requires multidimensional approach, we also involve health and hygiene promotion activities in our project.