Taking Action To Tackle Menstrual Taboos – Photo Story

देवी को सहर मा देवी नै अछुत , आखिर किन ?
“From the very beginning, just when we’ve learned to be on our two feet, we’re taught to fold our hands, bow our heads, close our eyes and put forth a prayer whenever present before a holy deity. And most of us were hesitant to side with profanity by questioning the almighty lord’s existence. We pay our due respect, gratitude and wishful appeal whenever we see devotional sculptures in temples. I was told that inside every man/woman resides sacred god/goddess, that every person is a reflection of pious substance. That all of us carried the majestic glory of god’s essence in our souls. And for that sole reason, we should love and have respect for our bodies, minds, hearts and souls. If a tiny bit of any of this upholds validity, aren’t we disregarding the gods within our walls us by restricting ourselves/women from entering respective shrines and temples when all that’s going on is a natural bodily course of bleeding. When did appreciating the capacity of being able to reproduce become embarrassing or unholy? In years throughout the history, it never has been so let’s stop making it now. ”
फुल बिरुवा मैले छोएर हैन ठिक समयमा मलजल नहालेर मर्छ !
“They said that a plant will die if I touch it during my period. How can I be so evil that my touch would kill a plant? My hands are filled with love not poison. But I’m sure that the world is suffering because of your misogyny and sexism. It’s time to take action And I invite people to discuss about menstruation and feminism.”
महिनावारी, महिला मात्र हैन, पुरुषको पनि जिम्मेवारी !
“Being a man shouldn’t be a restriction for me to talk out menstruation because men and boys can support women and girls to manage menstruation effectively at community, school, and work. We can also be partner and allies for women and girls to tackle the menstrual stigma together.”
मेरो महिनावारी ले हैन तपाईंको घटिया सोचले रिसाउछ भगवान !